Alesandra Spa & Spa is taking extra precaution to make sure our guests and our staff are safe during these times!

Here are some of the protocols that we have in place:

  1. All staff and all guests must wear masks at all times.
  2. Guests must call to check in so that we do not have multiple people at front desk, checking in or checking out. Our waiting room is temporarily off limits.
  3. Upon entering the salon, all guests and staff have their temperatures checked and are asked to wash their hands.
  4. We are not currently serving drinks or allowing open food in the salon.
  5. Guests are asked to not be accompanied by family or friends to limit the amount of people in the salon at any given time.
  6. The stylist’s schedules are set up so that social distancing is possible.

Here are some reviews we have received about our protocols since our reopening of May 11th:

“Felt very safe with all the measures that was taken. Jackie as always is amazing. I was so happy to hear you have reopened and went the extra mile to ensure safety of the employee and customers!”
“I felt safe and comfortable. Very happy with the cleanliness and procedures.”
“It’s always a pleasure to go to a salon in these difficult times. They only let in a small number of clients at a time. The stylist can only attend to you. When you arrive, you stay in your car until it’s your turn. They are not only the best salon I’ve ever been to but also the fact that they take all the precautions necessary to keep you safe. I’ve been going to this salon for about 15yrs and would never think about going anywhere else. Thank you, Alesandra Spa.”
“Since the Salon reopened, they are very considerate of their clients. Take your temperature when you walk in & show you to disinfecting station. Everyone in the salon wears masks no exception. No people waiting. Once you’re finished the next 1 comes in. Fabulous the way you are treated.”

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