NexGen Nails in South Florida – Alesandra Boynton Beach Nail Salon!

Posted on May 27, 2013

NexGen Nails are here in our Boynton Beach Nail Salon, and we want to tell you all about it – how about an artificial nail that both LOOKS and FEELS natural? Acrylic nails and gel nails provide a strong option for artificial nails, but there are so many drawbacks. NexGen gives us the best of all worlds with artificial nails. Here’s why NexGen is proving to be the preferred alternative to acrylic nails, and they’re available right here at our Boynton Beach Nail Salon!

  • Super Strong – They have the same strength as acrylic nails, but are lightweight like gel nails. Talk about the best of both worlds!
  • No Fumes – You know that awful smell you get with acrylic nails? Kiss it goodbye with NexGen. By not using monomers, NexGen are non-toxic, and the precise application means less contact with the skin.
  • No Yellowing – Ick, you know how it is after a while with acrylic nails, they start to yellow and stain (especially when tanning). Not so with NexGen.
  • Water Resistant – No need to worry about dishes, bathing the little ones, or soaking in the pool. NexGen are water resistant. Yes!
  • No damage to nail bed – These add length and strength without damaging your nails. So, when you’re ready to move on to natural nails, as long as they’re removed properly, you can do so without damage.

Sound good? We think so too. If you’re tired of acrylic nails, or even if you just are open to trying something new, take the NexGen challenge. We dare you to try it – you’ll never look back!

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