Holiday Hair 2013 DIY – Celebrity Inspired Styles

Posted on Nov 14, 2013

So you’re invited to a holiday party. You’ve got the dress picked out, the makeup ready to go, you’ve already gotten your hair touched up and trimmed thanks to a visit to our hair salon in Boynton Beach (hint hint!). BUT you want to do something special for the evening (without looking like a teenager off to prom). Here are 3 EASY DIY Holiday Hairstyles with some celebrity infusion, especially for your hair length!

1. Long Hair – The Reese Witherspoon

This double headband style is great to add beautiful volume to your hair, and is easy to do because the tousled style is part of the glamour of it! Here’s a tutorial from Kate of The Small Things Blog, who has some great inspiration for long hair with very detailed step by step videos!

Here’s what Kate uses to achieve this style:
1″ Curling Iron (We Like Hot Tools)
Duck Bill Clips
KMS Hair Play Makeover Spray
2 Crystal Headbands OR Gold Headband Double Braid Elastic
Firm/Super Hairspray – Available at Alesandra Salon Boynton Beach!

I think Kate’s turns out even better than Ms. Witherspoon’s!

2. Medium Hair – The Vanessa Hudgens

This style is perfect for ladies with medium hair with varied levels of volume. Here’s a step-by-step pictorial by The Glamourai. Vanessa’s hair is a bit of an a-line angled bob, but the Glamourai’s is a traditional bob with a light layer. This gives you an idea that the style looks great either way!

Here’s what you’ll need:
3/4″ Curling Iron (We Like Hot Tools)
Duck Bill Clips
Firm/Super Hairspray – Available at Alesandra Salon Boynton Beach!

View the Pictorial

You can even add a little sparkly do-dad, hair pins, or clips to bling it up, like these guys:Here’s the final product, gorgeous!

3. The Pixie
Too many celebs to name have pixie cuts, and the beauty of the pixie is its versatility. However most ladies with a pixie opt for one style and stick with it – daring enough to crop it off, but just teetering on the edge of styling excitement!

Stuff she uses:Here is a great video tutorial where SteffieRose runs through about 5 different styles in 7 minutes. Her pixie is an undercut, with the sides and back VERY short but the styles can be applied to any pixie cut by smoothing the sides/back and/or duplicating the backcombing (aka “teasing”) based on the style.

Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Mousse
Revlon Pro Stylist Ionic/Ceramic 1875W Hair Dryer (not a fave of mine, but she’s loving it!)
Bobby Pins, 60 Count
Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Spray, 7 oz
L’Oreal Texture Series Tousle Creme

NOTE: Your computer volume is fine – there is no sound in the beginning but you’ll hear some dance music start after a few moments. There are some curse words in the lyrics towards the end, so you may just want to mute it entirely!

Enjoy your holiday parties -send us lots of pics!

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