Boynton Beach Keratin Treatment Comparison : Brazilian Blowout vs. Keratin Treatment

Posted on Jan 23, 2014

Keratin Complex, used exclusively at Alesandra.  Image from

Keratin Complex, used exclusively at Alesandra. Image from

The Keratin treatment continues to increase in popularity, and 2014 is no exception with continued desires for smooth, straight hair.  But the question remains, are all keratin treatments created equally?  From bargain keratin treatments on Groupon, to salon straightening wallet busters for several hundred dollars, it’s important to make educated decisions when it comes to your keratin treatment – for your hair’s sake and your wallet’s sake.

One major debate is the difference between types if keratin treatments, in particular – the Keratin Treatment vs the Brazilian Blowout.  These terms are often used interchangeably, however these are 2 very distinct keratin treatments.  Much of the confusion derives from the name of a product brand name called Brazilian Blowout – whose name is often applied to any type of keratin treatment.  It’s important to learn exactly what you’re getting when you make your appointment – particularly when it comes to flash sales & daily deals on these treatments.

Here’s a quick comparison to help determine what’s best for you, as well as what to expect during your next keratin treatment!


Both treatments result in smoother hair, with a reduction of frizz & styling/blow dry time, resistance to humidity, and an increase in shine. Usually color treatments are performed prior to the keratin service, as the keratin seals in the color, prolonging its brilliance.  Both treatments recommend an aftercare regimen of specific products in order to deliver continued results over time.

Keratin Treatment

The  Keratin Treatment results in straighter hair, in addition to the benefits mentioned above. The hair is washed and prepped, and is then completely blow dried.  The product is then applied onto sections of the hair, blow dried again, and flat-ironed.  Following treatment, you will have 72 hours of down-time, during which the hair must remain dry and be treated very gently (remaining straight) as not to threaten the integrity of the treatment.  The effects of this treatment last at least 3 months, and up to 6 months. Users report that 2nd and 3rd treatments tend to last longer than the initial treatment.

Brazilian Blowout

The Brazilian Blowout has much less of the straightening effect found in the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, but still boasts the same smoothing effects.  The hair is washed and towel-dried.  The product is applied directly to towel-dried hair, and the hair is immediately blow-dried and flat-ironed.  There is minimal down-time following the treatment, with washings permitted the next day.  This treatment lasts about 12 weeks, and eventually washes away, leaving the hair in its original state.

So which treatment is right for you?

The Keratin Treatment is a much longer-term treatment, with effects of up to 6 months, and straightening effects.  However the aftercare can be difficult to manage for some.  The treatment itself also takes several hours.  The Blowout treatment has shorter-term results, approximately 12 weeks, and will leave much of your hair’s natural wave and body in place.  The treatment is much quicker, completed in 1 to 2 hours.

Whether the blowout or the keratin treatment is your choice, the most important advice we can offer is to research your provider.  With the popularity of these treatments booming, they are popping up everywhere, and not all products are alike.  Be sure that you are receiving the treatment you are promised (and that you are paying for!) and only go to reputable salons with references and a proven track record!

We invite you to Boynton Beach to visit Alesandra Hair Salon, where we offer the Coppola Keratin Complex Treatment exclusively – with its wider array of results and longer lasting effects, it is our keratin treatment of choice!

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